Bariatric Surgery Timers

Bariatric Surgery Timers


For Gastric Sleeve patients. -------------------------------------

A schedule with various timers on when to stop drinking, when to eat, and when you can drink again after eating.---------------------------------------

**DISCLAIMER**This schedule comes from a Metabolic & Surgery diet guide given to me by Yale New Haven Hospital. It is to give you an idea of when to have meals, it is not a replacement for your own doctors instructions. ALWAYS follow your doctors instructions as every patient is different and will have different needs. *******

**DISCLAIMER**This is also not a food choice guide, and does not include vitamin regimen. The food examples here are merely suggestions and if there is something in my examples that is not allowed or even listed on your particular diet, DO NOT EAT IT until you ask your doctor or their office's nutritionist. They are only an email or call away.**


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