How to Attract Women

How to Attract Women


Learn some simple techniques from these guys to be a hit with the women


7 years ago
Hope you doing better after your surgery. I know it's rough. I'm a Veteran and have nany friends having abhard time after life changing surgery. Goood luck and keep occupied don't let idiots get you down my friend
Edited 8 years ago
where are your formulas? you cant even give me something to troll of yours blairware?

also, youre not one of the CEOs or something here are you? cuz im coming for your job now if you are. i just quit my day one.....
Edited 8 years ago
thanks. noted. first or second attempt just to see how thing worked. I'll get there blair :) thanks for the feedback! but even i still laugh when i watch it. also, i didnt make the gifs, they were thrown together when i did a google search for "funny animated gifs" so, im not the only one who thinks theyre funny, albeit in a stupid way, but i think you may have motivated me to give this app some effort and figure out how to actually get paid.... can you share please how youre able to quit yours and succeed? cuz if youre just a troll hatin on a stick figure cuz he has a bigger stick than you, i just wasted 54 seconds typing a reply to you in the first place :( i mean you dont hate the boobs at the end, right? oh and im adding that i really wanted it to be dumb so lame guys who need a guru to pick up chicks can feel stupid after they watch it, and i predicted tat they would not find it funny, just frustrating cuz they have lives full of rejection and frustration with whatever sloth they settled on marrying to finally end the rejection streak..... have you seen my other apps? and i will be adding more. i just had heeart surgery man. damn, cut me some slack dude :( i am really butthurt by your comment. dont flame me again please, my town will need to hire a burn unit :(

OMG DUDE lol and i totally forgot it is in the HUMOR category, not tutorial.

actually, i owe you an apology, I now see they added a feature to be able to preview the slides without installing anymore. so you may not have actually tried to use it to pick up a chick and were actually looking for something funny, so i might be able to find you less lame someday.
8 years ago
Not all that funny. Appreciate the effort but, uh... don't quit your day job just yet.
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