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GuruWear App for Samsung Gear devices (Tizen)

Main screen

  1. Swipe left/right to change app screens between: Alarms, Timers and formulas.
    Rise! Alarms Rise! Timers GuruWear formulas
  2. Use options menu to get basic help, info about app version and ability to manually install GuruWear formula
    App Info


  1. Tap on alarm to activate/deactivate
  2. Tap on trash icon to remove alarm from list
  3. Tap "+" button to add new alarm
    Add new alarm
  4. Dismiss method:
    1. Swipe down to dismiss, like standard alarm
    2. Walk to dismiss, you have to walk certain number of steps (default: 20) to dismiss alarm
    3. Run to dismiss, you have to run certain number of steps (default: 20) to dismiss alarm
  5. GuruWear formula -> you can select GuruWear formula that will be executed after the alarm (optionally)
  6. One-time alarm -> alarm will be removed from list after dismissing
  7. Click on options to define advanced alarm options
    Advanced options
    1. Number of steps required to dismiss alarm with walk or run to dismiss option
    2. Micro-snooze time defines time for snoozing vibrations after tapping on active alarm
    3. Alarm mode -> vibrations only, sound only, sound and vibrations
    4. Alarm sound -> you can choose mp3 file for an alarm sound
    5. Repeating -> choose weekday for alarm to repeat (alarm will remain active after dismissing)


  1. Adding timers is analogous to adding alarms
  2. While setting timer, you can:
    Add new timer
    1. Select section (hours, minutes, seconds) by tapping
    2. Use slider to select value
    3. Tap on active section to increment value by 1
    4. Slide up on active section to increment value by 10
    5. Slide down a little on active section to decrement value by 1
    6. Slide down on active section to decrement value by 10

GuruWear formulas

  1. Choose “Install formula” from main option menu to manually install formula located in download folder on gear device.
  2. You can copy formulas to Download folder by
    1. Connecting your Gear device to PC via USB and copying formula files to Download folder on device
    2. Use GuruWear for Gear app on mobile
    3. Use third party file transfer app between you host device (phone) and gear device
  3. Formulas are installed under predefined category folder
  4. Tap on installed formula to execute
  5. Long press on installed formula to remove formula (alternatively use swipe left/right on formula in Rise! with GuruWear app variant)

Formula execution

  1. Use option menu to get info about formula or to exit formula
    Formula options
  2. Tap on header to enter full screen mode, swipe down to go back
  3. Swipe down to exit formula or exit full screen mode
  4. Double tap on step screen for default action (done or start)
  5. Use “Defer” option (if available for step) to move step “to the side” and advance to next step
  6. Tap on pulsating countdown/counting button for timer or pedometer to access control menu
  7. Progress at the bottom shows actual status of running timers or pedometers. If there are active more than one timer/pedometer, progress bar is displayed for every one of them using opacity.

Formula Installer

  1. Open GuruWear for Gear app on host device to easy install formulas directly to your Gear
  2. Login to access your private or unlisted formulas
  3. Find interesting formulas via keyword search or through categories
    Rise! Formula Installer Categories
  4. Download & install formulas using download button
    Download formula App info
  5. Use option button to access help or app info